Anton Walbrook

Born: 1896 | Died: 1967 | Grave: J 001 | Category: Arts | Tags: Anti-semitism, Cinema, Hollywood, Refugees, World War II

Stage and film actor. Born in Vienna, he was the son of Adolph Waohlbruck, a famous clown. Walbrook abandoned a successful stage career in Germany because of the Nazi regime and settled in England as a refugee (1936). He helped many of his countrymen to escape from Europe. His first London stage production was Design…

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Lt. Cmdr. Ernest Oliver Gidden

Born: 1910 | Died: 1961 | Grave: L 062 | Category: Military | Tags: Bomb disposal, Hungerford Bridge, Naval officer, World War II

OBE, GC, GM – wartime Naval officer/ bomb disposal specialist. During the second World War, Ernest Gidden was a temporary Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. On 17th April 1941 an unexploded parachute mine dropped on Hungerford Bridge, during the Blitz of London. Some trains and many carriages were set on fire and the Charing…

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Michael Perrin

Born: 1905 | Died: 1988 | Grave: A 005 | Category: Science | Tags: Atomic Bomb, Polythene, Radar, Scientist, World War II

Michael Perrin was a scientist who had a varied and interesting career in science and commerce. He was involved in the development of polythene, and played a key role in the development of the atomic bomb. Personal history Three bishops and a wedding Polythene – an accidental discovery Uses of polythene in World war II…

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