George Sinton

Born: 1787 | Died: 1846 | Grave: G 019 - 024 | Category: Commerce | Tags: Child mortality, Fruit and veg, History of medicine, Nurseryman

George Sinton was an auctioneer and nurseryman who had a successful business on Haverstock Hill. Four of his family, aged 11 to 29, died of scarlet fever within a few days of each other in May 1842 and George himself died of scarlet fever a few years later. The family was torn apart by this…

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Joseph Jordan

Born: 1787 | Died: 1873 | Grave: A 093 | Category: Medicine | Tags: Doctor, Grave robbing, History of medicine

  FRCS. Surgeon from Manchester. He was the Founder of the Provincial School of Anatomy, a consulting surgeon to the Manchester Royal Informary and to the Lock Hospital, of which he was one of the Founders. As most of his career as an anatomist was before the Anatomy Act (1832), he admitted involvement in “body snatching”…

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