Henry Kippin

Born: 1882 | Died: 1968 | Grave: F 022 | Category: Trade | Tags: Chimney sweep, Climbing boys, Pollution, Working conditions

Henry Kippin was the last of three generations of local people who swept the chimneys of Hampstead for over a hundred years. He was born at 3 Perrins Court, now occupied by the Villa Bianca Italian restaurant. His father’s handcart is preserved in the garden of Burgh House. Henry’s family moved to Portsmouth, where he…

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John Gardner Pearse

Born: 1817 | Died: 1886 | Grave: H 086 | Category: Trade

A baker at 3-4 High Street, also a Parcels Delivery Office. For many years a vestryman of Hampstead; his memorial was erected by public subscription.

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George Clowser

Born: 1852 | Died: 1916 | Grave: H 024 | Category: Trade

Eldest son of Thomas Clowser, whose building firm was busy in Victorian Hampstead – eg building Oak Hill Park in the 1850s. Their office was at 27 High Street.

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Walter Henry Crocker

Born: 1885 | Died: 1953 | Grave: J 023 | Category: Trade

Tobacconist of 4A Perrins Court, who became W H Crocker & Son, newsagents, at 7 Heath Street from 1920s to the 1970s.

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Thomas Tooley

Born: 1840 | Died: 1929 | Grave: G 041 | Category: Trade

Dairyman at North End and ran Wildwood Farm. Possibly the grandson of George Tooley (H 040),.

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Edwin Kippin

Born: 1853 | Died: 1916 | Grave: G 029 | Category: Trade

Chimney sweep. Second generation in the family business started by his father Henry (1821-1865),. Lived in Yorkshire Grey Yard and Perrins Court. His handcart has been preserved in the garden at Burgh House. Buried with his wife Letitia, daughter Ethel and son in law Sidney Scoates.

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Charles Bean King

Born: 1873 | Died: 1928 | Grave: E Bay 1 | Category: Trade

Junior member of the building firm of that name, founded in 1746. They built many houses in the Well Walk area.

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Isaac Bridge

Born: 1838 | Died: 1905 | Grave: E 086 | Category: Trade

Corndealer and jobmaster. Vestryman of the Parish for 11 years. Lived at 22 King’s College Road and Mews.

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Frederick Alexander Eickhoff

Born: n/a | Died: 1959 | Grave: C 036 | Category: Trade

Butcher in Flask Walk. He dropped his German surname in World War 1 to avoid persecution, and traded under the name Frederick Alexander.

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Gilbert Taylor

Born: 1878 | Died: 1948 | Grave: C 028 | Category: Trade

Ran popular fried fish shop in 5-7 Flask Walk in the 1920s and 1930s.

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Joseph Sparkes

Born: n/a | Died: 1850 | Grave: B 093 | Category: Trade

Gardener. One of several servants of the Mallet and Merivale families buried together. He was their gardener for 16 years.

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William Shepherd

Born: 1815 | Died: 1876 | Grave: B 041 | Category: Trade

Plumber, for 25 years a tradesman in the parish. Father of the firm of builders at 5 Church Row which built the Old Town Hall in 1876 and much of Cannon Row in 1877. His sons buried in A 036 and B 039.

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Frederick Shepherd

Born: n/a | Died: 1941 | Grave: B 039 | Category: Trade

Builder, of 5 Church Row. Son of William, died 1876 (B 041), and brother of Benjamin, died 1923 (A 036),.

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William Hudson Watts

Born: 1822 | Died: 1907 | Grave: A 106 | Category: Trade

Builder and monumental mason (eg CH 89),; resident in Hampstead for 65 years; built and lived at 15 Perrins Lane .

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Benjamin Shepherd

Born: 1850 | Died: 1923 | Grave: A 036 | Category: Trade

Builder, of 5 Church Row. Son of William, died 1876 (B 041), and brother of Frederick, died 1941 (B 039),.

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Bert Matthews

Born: 1884 | Died: 1970 | Grave: I 109 | Category: Trade | Tags: Charity, Costume, Henry Croft, Pearly King, Rat Catcher

Bert Matthews was the rat-catcher for Hampstead for over 40 years. He and his wife Rebecca were the Pearly King and Queen of Hampstead, raising large sums of money for charity. Through their activities they became quite famous. In 1952 Bert and Becky were asked to go to America, where they travelled around in two…

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