Samuel Figgis

Born: 1841 | Died: 1920 | Grave: I 100 | Category: Science

Conservationist. Born in Dublin, came to Hampstead in 1885 and lived at Pitt House, North End. From c1910 lived at Montagu Grove, Frognal. He was a local conservationist and prime mover in saving Golders Hill Park for the public.

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Frances Stephenson

Born: 1803 | Died: 1842 | Grave: J 097 | Category: Science

Wife of the Civil engineer, Robert Stephenson (1803-1859), who built inter alia the Euston-Birmingham Railway in the 1830s. He lived in Haverstock Hill (1835-1843), and is buried in Westminster Abbey.

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Lt/Col Edward Paul Anderson

Born: 1883 | Died: 1934 | Grave: N 070 | Category: Science

DSO, Chevalier Legion D’Honneur. Engineer. Royal Engineers; Superintendant of Works, Khyber Railway; and other Indian posts. From 1929 was Inspecting Officer of Railways, MOT.

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William Porter Dreaper

Born: 1868 | Died: 1938 | Grave: O 068 | Category: Science

OBE. Scientist. Founder and Hon. Sec. of the League of Science, Bibliographer for the Science Museum, Patentee of improvements in artificial silk and electrotyping, Editor of Chemical World.

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George Frederick Mort

Born: 1873 | Died: 1918 | Grave: H 006 | Category: Science

Engineer. A pioneer of aeroplane engines, he sacrificed his life for his duty.

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George Wirgman Hemming

Born: 1821 | Died: 1905 | Grave: F 077 | Category: Science

QC, law reporter and mathematician, who published work on calculus ‘DNB’. Lived at 3 Fairfax Road.

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Edwin Lankester

Born: 1814 | Died: 1874 | Grave: E 085 | Category: Science

MD, FRS, Coroner for Central Middlesex (1862-74),. Also Professor of Natural History, New College, London. Published works on physiology and sanitary science (DNB),.

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Prof F. Gugenheim Gregory

Born: 1893 | Died: 1961 | Grave: Col E 3 | Category: Science

Professor of Plant Physiology at Imperial College of Science and Technology. Died at 8A Worsley Road.

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Annie Parshall

Born: 1873 | Died: 1910 | Grave: C 094 | Category: Science

First wife of Horace Field Parshall (1865-1932),, Chairman of Central London Railway and expert on electrification of railways – he designed a 3-phase Rotary converter.

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Henry Watts

Born: 1815 | Died: 1884 | Grave: C 072 | Category: Science

FRS. Chemist. Professor of University College, editor of Dictionary of Chemistry (1868),.

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David Joy

Born: 1825 | Died: 1903 | Grave: C 066 | Category: Science | Tags: Engineer, Jenny Lind, Ships, Trains

  A prolific inventor and engineer. He was involved in designing engines from a young age and he is credited with designing the famous Jenny Lind express railway locomotive. He is probably best known for his invention of the ‘Joy Valve Gear’ for steam locomotives – “the equipment that turns the power of the piston…

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Harriet Tancred

Born: n/a | Died: 1864 | Grave: B 059 | Category: Science

First wife of Sir Thomas Tancred (1840-1910),, mining and railway engineer, and contractor for the Forth Bridge

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Sir Herbert Jackson

Born: 1863 | Died: 1936 | Grave: A 015 | Category: Science

KBE, FRS Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of London.

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Michael Perrin

Born: 1905 | Died: 1988 | Grave: A 005 | Category: Science | Tags: Atomic Bomb, Polythene, Radar, Scientist, World War II

Michael Perrin was a scientist who had a varied and interesting career in science and commerce. He was involved in the development of polythene, and played a key role in the development of the atomic bomb. Personal history Three bishops and a wedding Polythene – an accidental discovery Uses of polythene in World war II…

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