Charles John Birkbeck

Born: 1819 | Died: 1821 | Grave: K 100 | Category: Other

Infant son of Dr George Birkbeck of Settle, Yorkshire, founder of mechanics’ institutions, notably Birkbeck college (1824),; also founder and councillor of University College, London (1827),.

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Richard Moreland

Born: 1861 | Died: 1948 | Grave: K 040 | Category: Other

Churchwarden and benefactor of the Parish Church. The Moreland Hall is named after him.

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Charles Waller

Born: 1868 | Died: 1956 | Grave: J 085 | Category: Other

Coachman to Lord Glendyne, first at Hendon Hall, then at Branch Hill Lodge (from 1900),.

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Jane Tothills

Born: 1770 | Died: 1845 | Grave: B0 93 | Category: Other

One of several servants of the Mallet and Merivale families buried together. Jane “lived in” for nearly 35 years.

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Henry Pritchard

Born: 1828 | Died: 1875 | Grave: B 048 | Category: Other

Related to Daniel Pritchard. The family had local connections over 3 centuries.

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Jane Slee

Born: c1784 | Died: 1874 | Grave: B 093 | Category: Other

One of several servants of the Mallet and Merivale families buried together. Retired and lived to the age of 90.

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Berkeley and Florence Coleridge

Born: n/a | Died: 1834 | Grave: F 090-108 | Category: Other

Grandchildren of the poet. His daughter Sara married her cousin Henry Coleridge in 1829, and they lived in Downshire Hill until 1837. These infants died in January 1834, six months before their grandfather, who was buried in Highgate with his family.

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Edward Blanchard Stamp

Born: 1834 | Died: 1908 | Grave: C 022 | Category: Other

Born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. One of his sons was Deputy Keeper of the Public Records and earned a CB.

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Lady Janetta De Conti

Born: 1759 | Died: 1780 | Grave: CR 001 | Category: Other

Daughter of Rt Hon Cosimo Conte de Conti, a noble Toscan ‘sic’ by birth, and Count of the Holy Roman Empire’. Her grandfather was ‘of the family of Lord Rollo and His Majesty’s Agent and Consul General at the City and Kingdom of Tripoli’; his wife was ‘of the families of the Earls of Ross…

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Harriot Sheldon

Born: 1748 | Died: 1830 | Grave: D 099 | Category: Other

A descendent of Dr Sheldon, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who founded the Theatre of the University of Oxford, and the last of this name. Her married sister died four years later, aged 92.

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Benjamin Cole

Born: 1782 | Died: 1843 | Grave: D 102 | Category: Other

Bought an estate and messuage in Frognal near the church in 1820, including a pond, known locally as Cole’s Pond. It was mainly used for watering horses.

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Marie Antoinette Satt

Born: 1805 | Died: 1881 | Grave: D Bay 2 | Category: Other

Companion. Born in Boulogne, died in South Hackney – buried in Hampstead according to her wish, beside her friend and mistress. Her tombstone, all in French, inspired one member of the public to enquire if the Marie Antoinette was buried in Hampstead.

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George Augustus Macirone

Born: 1834 | Died: 1910 | Grave: D Bay 3 | Category: Other

Italian – son of George, son of Pietro Bonaventura Augusto Gaspari, son of Francsco Filippo Ludovico Melchiori and 3 other male antecedents.

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Peter Jones

Born: n/a | Died: 1829 | Grave: E 016 | Category: Other

Coachman. He worked 25 years for the family of George Todd, Esq., of Belsize.

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Richard Henry Price

Born: 1828 | Died: 1876 | Grave: A 025 | Category: Other


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Edith and Kate Barrs

Born: n/a | Died: 1963, 1966 | Grave: A 011 | Category: Other

Popular Sunday School teachers

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William Gander

Born: n/a | Died: n/a | Grave: A 007 | Category: Other

R.L. Stevenson’s landlord at Abernethy House, Mount Vernon, when he lodged there in 1870s

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