Angus H Campbell

Born: 1875 | Died: 1919 | Grave: H 097 | Category: Military

Policeman and Engineer officer in WW1. Born in Alness, Ross, Scotland the son of a cattleman. Worked as farmhand (1891) and gamekeeper (1901) to support his widowed mother and younger siblings. Became a police constable with the Metropolitan Police, living in Police Section House, Westminster in 1911. Joined Royal Engineers, becoming Lieutenant; awarded the Military…

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Francis Gabriel Ellerton

Born: 1896 | Died: 1915 | Grave: H 032 | Category: Military

Signaller in WW1. One of 13 children of Alfred Ellerton, chartered accountant; lived at 28 Parliament Hill. Joined Royal Engineers – London Signal Section Training Centre, becoming Corporal. Served in Home theatre; killed in at accident at Aylesbury, Bucks.

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William Patrick Ryan

Born: 1851 | Died: 1921 | Grave: H 026 | Category: Military

Papal Zouave’ (Zouaves were French Infantry of great dash, originally Algerians, wearing a quasi-Moorish dress – Chambers Dictionary),. Lived at 18 Ellerdale Road.

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John Richard Smyth McClure

Born: 1892 | Died: 1918 | Grave: I 020 | Category: Military

Engineer officer in WW1. Born in South Africa, son of Revd Dr John J McClure, a Northern Irish minister in Cape Town. Educated in S Africa (BSc), and served with Transvaal Light Horse in South/ South West Africa. Came to England 1915, joined Royal Engineers and served in France, becoming Acting Captain, 250th Tunnelling Company…

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Anthony Blyton Beesley

Born: 1900 | Died: 1918 | Grave: I 021 | Category: Military

Bomber pilot in WW1. Born on New Year’s day 1900, second son of Clarence Beesley, surgeon, of Exmouth. Educated at Epsom College; joined RNAS Dec 1917 as Probationary Flying Officer, posted to 120 Squadron at Cramlington near Newcastle on its formation (1/1/1918),. (Eventually equipped with DH9s, the squadron was intended to reinforce daylight bombing forces…

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Frederick Ramon De Bertodano

Born: 1871 | Died: 1955 | Grave: I 104 | Category: Military

8th Marquis del Moral, born in New South Wales and served with the Notts Yeomanry. Bertodanos were one of the ancient families of Spain; the gold chain on their crest commemorated the ancestors who fought the Moors in 1212 and broke their chain defences. The family became anglicised after the 5th Marquis married an Englishwoman…

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Major Adrian Albert Ball

Born: 1892 | Died: 1965 | Grave: J 005 | Category: Military

DCM. Soldier. Originally from Melbourne; served with Australian troops in two world wars, including the Gallipoli campaign.

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Lt. Cmdr. Ernest Oliver Gidden

Born: 1910 | Died: 1961 | Grave: L 062 | Category: Military | Tags: Bomb disposal, Hungerford Bridge, Naval officer, World War II

OBE, GC, GM – wartime Naval officer/ bomb disposal specialist. During the second World War, Ernest Gidden was a temporary Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. On 17th April 1941 an unexploded parachute mine dropped on Hungerford Bridge, during the Blitz of London. Some trains and many carriages were set on fire and the Charing…

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Col. Edmund Tillotson Rich

Born: 1874 | Died: 1937 | Grave: L 078 | Category: Military

Royal Engineer officer. Director in the Survey of India Dept. working on borders of Persia, Russia etc., where he mastered many eastern languages (including Pashtu, Kachin),. Member of the Girdlers’ Company and a Freeman of the City of London (1910),.

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Captain Frederick Charles Ulick Vernon Wentworth

Born: 1866 | Died: 1947 | Grave: M 104 | Category: Military

RN, CB, JP. Director of Mann Egerton & Co., High Sheriff of Suffolk (1912),. He appears in Who’s who as Vernon-Wentworth but there is no hyphen on the gravestone.

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Charles James Piper

Born: 1896 | Died: 1941 | Grave: O 080 | Category: Military

Artilleryman in WW2. Born in Hampstead, son of Maurice Piper, stone mason. Lived in 1901 at Campden Buildings, Holly Bush Vale; in 1911 in Gardnor Road. Married in 1922. Joined Royal Artillery, becoming Lance Bombardier; awarded the Military Medal for bravery. Died at Hampstead, leaving a wife and three children (ages 9, 15 and 18),,…

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Geoffrey Craig Rose

Born: 1897 | Died: 1915 | Grave: G 096 | Category: Military

Infantry officer in WW1. Elder son of Charles Edward Rose, and possible relative of Dr Henry Cooper Rose, barrister and physician in Hampstead for 40 years. Lived at 27 Aberdare Gardens and 23 Daleham Gardens. Joined up Aug 1914, becoming 2nd Lieutenant attached to 1st battalion Gordon Highlanders. Wounded in action at Messines Ridge, Flanders,…

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Major General William Agnew

Born: 1821 | Died: 1888 | Grave: D 024 | Category: Military

Bengal Staff Corps, Judicial Commissioner of Assam, and JP for the County of Middlesex’. Born in Larne.

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Peter Francis Napier Lomax

Born: 1921 | Died: 1940 | Grave: A 074 | Category: Military

Fighter pilot in WW2. Son of Maj-Gen Cyril Ernest Napier Lomax (who served in both world wars, and grandson of Lady Towle, whose husband’s family lived in 1901/1911 at 52 Fitzjohn’s Avenue. Joined RAF in April 1939, becoming Pilot Officer in Oct 1939; posted to 229 Squadron at RAF Digby, Lincolnshire on its formation (the…

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