Louisa Walker

Born: 1853 | Died: 1922 | Grave: I 102 | Category: Education

Headmistress of Fleet Road Infant School for 44 years.

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Prof Henry Briggs

Born: 1883 | Died: 1935 | Grave: M 081 | Category: Education

OBE, FRSE. Professor of Mining at Ednburgh University and at Heriot-Watt College. He was involved in research for safety in mines and invented mine rescue apparatus. Published many books and learned papers.

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Alexander Mordaunt Shairp

Born: 1887 | Died: 1939 | Grave: P 071 | Category: Education

Music master at UCS. Also a dramatist whose successes included Crime at the Blossoms and The Green Bay Tree [1933].

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Henry Malden

Born: 1800 | Died: 1876 | Grave: G 045 | Category: Education

Professor of Greek at University College London from 1831 until his death. Headmaster of UCS (1832-42),, described in the school’s history (1981), as an ‘urbane and gentle scholar… poet and champion of Greek Independence’. Died at his home in Belsize Square.

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Thomas Frederick Tout

Born: 1855 | Died: 1929 | Grave: F Bay 1 | Category: Education

Historian and teacher. Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford; Professor at Lampeter and later Manchester (1890-1925),. He published numerous textbooks specialising in mediaeval history ‘DNB’. Chaucer supplied the epitaph on his grave: ‘And glady wolde he lerne and gladly teche.’ According to the magazine of the Historical Association, of which he was President (1910-1912),, he could…

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Susannah Valentine

Born: 1804 | Died: 1830 | Grave: E00 2 | Category: Education

Mistress of the National School of this parish for over 10 years. As she died aged 26 she began teaching at 16. The National School became Hampstead Parochial School.

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Sophia Noble

Born: 1790 | Died: 1880 | Grave: E 024 | Category: Education

Ran a girls’ school at 6-7 High Street, which Constable’s daughters attended. The artist had a high opinion of it. Miss Noble lived to be 90.

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Emilie Muriel Loveridge

Born: 1892 | Died: 1954 | Grave: Col N 1 | Category: Education

Founder and co-principal of St Godric’s Secretarial College, Arkwright Road.

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Clive David Black-Hawkins

Born: 1915 | Died: 1983 | Grave: Col E 4 | Category: Education

Teacher. Joined University College School, Frognal in 1938 and rose to be Headmaster (1956-75),. Died at 14A Wedderburn Road. His wife Ruth Eleanor (1913-1977), was a JP.

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Thomas Bush

Born: n/a | Died: 1890? | Grave: B 083 | Category: Education

Headmaster of Heath Mount School in Heath Street until c.1875. The school history says he was fond of wielding a ‘bushy’ stick.

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David Taylor

Born: 1846 | Died: 18 77 | Grave: A 027 | Category: Education

Master of the Christ Church National School, Hampstead; he died aged 31.

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