Sir William Dingwall Mitchell Cotts

Born: 1872 | Died: 1932 | Grave: V 005 | Category: Commerce

1st baronet (1921),, MP for Western Isles (1922/3),, Head of Mitchell, Cotts & Co., merchants, colliery proprietors and steamship owners. Lived at 31 Redington Road. His son, Sir William Campbell Mitchell-Cotts (1902-64), who assumed the hyphen in 1932, was a dirctor of Frederick Muller Ltd.

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George Tooley

Born: 1792 | Died: 1876 | Grave: H 040 | Category: Commerce

George ran a laundry at North End. A Thomas Tooley (1816-1900),, possibly his son, was a Job and Fly Master for 50 years in the parish. His carrying business at 8 Heath Street was established in 1835 (see XG 008),.

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Thomas Wells Thorpe

Born: c1851 | Died: 1943 | Grave: P 086 | Category: Commerce

Brewer. Son of a brewer from Boston, Lincs. Became head brewer of Manns in London (1902),, then Chairman of Mann, Crossman & Paulin. He introduced technical changes in brewing methods and new brown ales, and was a co-founder of the Van Horse Parade in Regents Park. Lived at 52 Reddington Road (1908 – 1943),.

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Richard Cox Johnson

Born: 1934 | Died: 2005 | Grave: O 079 | Category: Commerce

Merchant banker, who managed investments for pop stars, including the Rolling Stones. Initially qualified as Actuary. Town house in Hampstead, where he was a knowledeable gardener (Telegraph obit),.

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Charles Bosanquet

Born: 1769 | Died: 1850 | Grave: K 092-093 | Category: Commerce

City merchant, governor of South Sea company, High Sheriff of Northumberland (1828),. Colonel in the Hampstead Volunteers.

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Edward Carlile

Born: 1766 | Died: 1833 | Grave: K 075 | Category: Commerce

Haberdasher of Bow Lane. Wealthy, in 1814 he bought a large estate in the Willoughby road area. His daughter Janet married into the Willoughby family, who developed the Carlile Estate in the 1870s.

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Henry Goodwin Rooth

Born: 1861 | Died: 1928 | Grave: K 030 | Category: Commerce

West India merchant and ship-owner, barrister, Metropolitan Police Court Magistrate (1917-1928),.

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Eric and Jamie Hathorn

Born: | Died: | Grave: K 016A | Category: Commerce

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Thomas Gibson

Born: 1759 | Died: 1832 | Grave: J 100A | Category: Commerce

Banker, originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In 1848 his daughter, Jane, married for the second time to Sir Percy Florence Shelley, son of the poet and Mary Godwin. She was the friend of many eminent literary Victorians and edited the Shelley papers (1859),.

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Louis Lorant

Born: 1768 | Died: 1837 | Grave: I 051 | Category: Commerce

Licenced Victualler. A native of Normandy, lived 29 years in Hampstead. Publican of the White Bear in New End, which in the 1830s ‘was much frequented by foreigners’ (Barratt),.

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Frederick William Escott

Born: 1865 | Died: 1928 | Grave: I 026 | Category: Commerce

Local furniture dealer, first at 10 Flask Walk, later at 23 High Street. His twin daughters, who are buried with him, both died in 1918 aged 22.

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George Harvest

Born: 1865 | Died: 1918 | Grave: G 051 | Category: Commerce

Spice merchant; Rifles officer in WW1. Born in Islington, one of nine children of Daniel Harvest, a spice merchant. After boarding school at Highgate School became a spice/ colonial produce merchant. Married about 1898. Lived at Hampstead Hill Gardens, but also had house in Hove, Sussex. Joined 2nd London Regiment as territorial volunteer; served in…

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Tom Vaughan

Born: 1871 | Died: 1929 | Grave: B 022 | Category: Commerce

Business Manager to Sir Gerald du Maurier, notably during his management of Wyndham’s Theatre 1910-25. After his death Sir Gerald had little success, according to his daughter Daphne.

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George Potter

Born: 1805 | Died: 1899 | Grave: B 026 | Category: Commerce

Founded the local firm of Auctioneers and Estate Agents in Heath Street.

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Daniel Tidey

Born: c1815 | Died: 1882 | Grave: B 087 | Category: Commerce

Landlord of the Washington Hotel, Englands Lane, and of the Belsize Tavern. He is buried with Eliza Tidey, the mother of his children, but not officially his wife.

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Robert Ware

Born: 1814 | Died: 1884 | Grave: C 024 | Category: Commerce

Publican, successively, of The Three Horsehoes [now The Horse Shoe] and Jack Straw’s Castle

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James End

Born: 1785 | Died: 1840 | Grave: C 038-047 | Category: Commerce

Publican and livery stableman at Freemasons’ Arms

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Herbert George Potter

Born: c1869 | Died: 1951 | Grave: Col E 1 | Category: Commerce

JP, FRICS. Mayor of Hendon, Estate Adviser to Hampstead Garden Suburb. He took over the family firm of Estate Agents, Potters, in the High Street from his father (B 026),.

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William Dowse

Born: 1777 | Died: 1859 | Grave: D 007 | Category: Commerce

Ran livery and landau stables from 32 Flask Walk. His daughter Mary Farey (1815-60), married the publican of the Ram Inn, Smithfield.

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Thomas Buck

Born: 1785 | Died: 1847 | Grave: D 106 | Category: Commerce

Victualler. Leased the Holly Bush Tavern in 1831; he died at Twickenham ‘surviving his wife only a fortnight’.

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George Sinton

Born: 1787 | Died: 1846 | Grave: G 019 - 024 | Category: Commerce | Tags: Child mortality, Fruit and veg, History of medicine, Nurseryman

George Sinton was an auctioneer and nurseryman who had a successful business on Haverstock Hill. Four of his family, aged 11 to 29, died of scarlet fever within a few days of each other in May 1842 and George himself died of scarlet fever a few years later. The family was torn apart by this…

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George Sinton

Born: c1820 | Died: 1879 | Grave: G 019-024 | Category: Commerce

Nurseryman. One of three children of George senior who survived and ran the business until his death. The last remaining child, Margaret, then disappeared from Hampstead.

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Sir William Towle

Born: 1849 | Died: 1929 | Grave: A 074 | Category: Commerce

KB. Manager of Midland Railway Hotels, noted for improving railway refreshments. One of his sons, Sir Francis [1876-1951] CBE, was Managing Director of Gordon Hotels, and the other, Arthur [1878-1948] CBE, controlled LMS Hotel services; the latter married Margery Lawrence, author of Madonna of the Seven Moons.

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Sir Frank Newson-Smith

Born: 1879 | Died: 1971 | Grave: A 021-022 | Category: Commerce

Stockbroker, Lord Mayor of London [1943-4], lived to 92.

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