Ellen Gertrude Hill

Born: 1841 | Died: 1928 | Grave: E 089 | Category: Arts

Ellen and her sister Constance (1844 – 1929),, nieces of Sir Rowland Hill, lived for many years at 110 Frognal and previously with their father at 27 Thurlow Road. Ellen was a portrait painter, who also ran a servants’ home at No 1 New End Square. Constance was a writer.

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Alfred Bell

Born: 1832 | Died: 1895 | Grave: E 074, CH 044 | Category: Arts

Water colourist, stained glass designer and maker. For 16 years Churchwarden of the parish church and a liberal benefactor. The nave and transept windows in the church were designed by him and made by his firm, Clayton and Bell. He also designed a new font in 1885 and a new nave ceiling.

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John Clement Bell

Born: 1860 | Died: 1944 | Grave: E 070 | Category: Arts

Landscape and stained glass artist [? son of Alfred Bell]

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Julian Marshall

Born: 1836 | Died: 1903 | Grave: C 074 | Category: Arts

A notable collector of engravings, musical autographs and portraits, and of bookplates. He is also know for his Annals of Tennis (1878), – ‘a work of minute and exhaustive research’ ‘DNB’. His wife, Florence (1843-1922), was a composer and conductor.

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William King

Born: 1754 | Died: 1821 | Grave: C 050 | Category: Arts

Professor of Music, a pious and respected inhabitant of this village’.

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Constance Phillott

Born: 1842 | Died: 1931 | Grave: C 017 | Category: Arts

Artist. Associate of Royal Water Colour Society

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