Temple Lushington Moore

Born: 1856 | Died: 1920 | Grave: I 084A | Category: Architecture

Church architect. In 1912 enlarged Parish Church with new Choir Vestry and Lady Chapel extension. Articled to George Gilbert Scott Jnr, and later his assistant.

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Albert John Thomas

Born: 1879 | Died: 1964 | Grave: J 036 | Category: Architecture

Architect. Jointly responsible for the Institut Francais in Kensingotn (1939), in Art Nouveau style.

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Basil Champneys

Born: 1842 | Died: 1935 | Grave: M 080 | Category: Architecture

Architect and author. Son of a Dean of Lincoln. His buildings included Newnham Collge, Cambridge and the Rylands Memorial Library, Manchester. Locally he was resonsible for St Luke’s Kidderpore Avenue, and another St Luke’s in Kentish Town. In 1881 he built Hall Oak, Frognal Lane, for himself and he died here aged 92. He married…

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John ‘Senior’ Burlison

Born: 1810 | Died: 1868 | Grave: E 077 | Category: Architecture

Son of a Durham joiner, who became personal assistant to Sir George Gilbert Scott for 25 years. His son, qv, was a stained glass maker.

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Thomas Henry Watson

Born: 1839 | Died: 1913 | Grave: D 083 | Category: Architecture

FRIBA. Architect (inter alia), of St Luke’s, Deptford (1872),.

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Mary Green

Born: 1827 | Died: 1854 | Grave: D 011 | Category: Architecture

Wife of architect T.K. Green (1831 – 1916),, whose gothic designs still liven up the Arkwright Road area. He built the eccentric 2 Ellerdale Road for himself about 1890.

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Henry Victor Ashley

Born: 1872 | Died: 1945 | Grave: Col E 3 | Category: Architecture

FRIBA. Architect. Won competition to design/ build new Freemasons Hall, Holborn (1931-3),. Other works included French Bank in London, various housing schemes, hospitals, etc. Designed 20 Frognal Gardens for himself c.1926. Churchwarden of Parish Church, rebuilt Moreland Hall and designed the columbarium.

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George Gilbert, junior Scott

Born: 1839 | Died: 1897 | Grave: B 085 | Category: Architecture

FSA. Architect. Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, son of Sir George, father of Sir Giles. Restored several Oxbridge colleges. Associated with Bodley & Garner, and Watts & Co., producing pre-Raphaelite church fittings. His youngest son, Adrian (died 1963), was also an archiect (eg of St Albans, GoldersGreen),. In 1930 he designed for himself Shepherd’s Well,…

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Robert Abraham

Born: 1773 | Died: 1850 | Grave: A 050 / 051 | Category: Architecture

Architect, of Keppel Street, Russell Square. Executed works at Arundel Castle, the synagogue near the Haymarket, and the Westminster Bridewell ‘DNB’.

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