Sir Richmond Thackeray Ritchie

Born: 1854 | Died: 1912 | Grave: H 015 | Category: Administration

KCB. Permament Under Secretary of State for India. He died before his wife, and was buried at Hampstead to be near his friend George du Maurier (I bay),.

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Edward Aubrey Hastings Jay

Born: 1869 | Died: 1950 | Grave: P 061 | Category: Administration

Trained as barrister, became fund-raising secretary for medical charities. Father of the Rt Hon Douglas Jay, PC, Labour MP and President of the Board of Trade (1964-1967),.

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Charles Holford

Born: 1774 | Died: 1838 | Grave: K 086 | Category: Administration

Leading member of family of benefactors. Lived at Holford House near Holford Road (see Camden History Review No 6),. He was active with the Hampstead Volunteers, the Public Library, Heath protests and a Guardian of the Poor. He left £100 to the poor of the parish. His friendship with Constable prompted the artist to give…

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John Archibald Campbell Robertson

Born: 1912 | Died: 1962 | Grave: K 017 | Category: Administration

CB. Under Secretary at the Treasury and (1954-1957), Director of Personnel at the UN Headquarters.

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George Stone

Born: 1865 | Died: 1955 | Grave: J 089 | Category: Administration

Policeman at the old police station at the top of Rosslyn Hill; he lived to 90.

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Sir Cornelius Neale Dalton

Born: 1842 | Died: 1920 | Grave: I 087 | Category: Administration

KCMG, CB. Civil Servant from 1873; Comptroller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (1897-1909),.

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Sir Donald Campbell Johnstone

Born: 1857 | Died: 1920 | Grave: I 076 | Category: Administration

Indian Civil Service; Chief Judge, Chief Court, Punjab from 1915.

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John Carswell

Born: 1918 | Died: 1997 | Grave: H 012 | Category: Administration

Civil servant. After war service in India, joined the new Ministry of Pensions (1946), to implement the Beveridge report; responsible at Department of Education & Science for expanding new universities (1960s), and at the UGC (1970s), in financing them. Secretary of the British Academy (1978-1983), – followed Neville Williams (Col E 2),. Writer on political…

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Herbert Batty

Born: 1849 | Died: 1923 | Grave: H 076 | Category: Administration

Indian Civil Service from 1868; Judge of High Court, Bombay; Professor of Logic and Moral Philosophy, Poona College (1872 to 1875),.

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George Samuel Windsor Earl

Born: 1813 | Died: 1865 | Grave: D 054 | Category: Administration

Scholar and Far Eastern Explorer. Born at North End, Hampstead, and went to sea at an early age. He was concerned with the colonisation of Indonesia, a name he invented. Laterly he was Assistant Resident Councillor and Police Magistrate at Penang, where he died. His father, Percy (1770-1827),, was captain of the East India ship…

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Edward Henry Nevinson

Born: 1785 | Died: 1856 | Grave: D 001-002 | Category: Administration

Head of a family of local benefactors, which included H W Nevinson, the ‘Grand Duke’ of war correspondents, and C R W Nevinson, the cubist and war artist. Edward was Paymaster of the Exchequer in 1834, when the old Palace of Westminster was burned down; the fire started in his storerooms. His wife, Charlotte (1786…

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Neville John Williams

Born: 1924 | Died: 1977 | Grave: Col E 2 | Category: Administration

FRHistS, FSA. Deputy Keeper of PRO (1970-73),, Secretary of British Academy (1973-77),. His publications included many studies of the Tudor period.

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Trafford Smith

Born: 1913 | Died: 1975 | Grave: Col E 2 | Category: Administration

CMG; Colonial Office civil servant; Lt/Gov of Malta 1953-9; Ambassador to Burma 1967-70; from 1970-75 he was Clerk to the Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust.

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Joseph Gray

Born: 1833 | Died: 1906 | Grave: C 035 | Category: Administration

Civil servant, lived at Burgh House from 1902. His granddaughter, Angela Latham (1894-1980),, an artist, died in Oak Hill Park. She and her husband, Peter Latham (1894-1970), – Gresham Professor at London University, had previously lived at Frognal Rise.

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James Kennedy

Born: 1842 | Died: 1920 | Grave: B 004 | Category: Administration

Retired Indian Civil Servant. He published his researches into local history – The Manor and Parish Church of Hampstead – in 1906.

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Edward MaGrath

Born: 1791 | Died: 1861 | Grave: E 019 | Category: Administration

Secretary of the Athenaeum Club; lived at Capo di Monte from 1846. He investigated the origin of the name Judges Walk, and saw evidence of Assizes being held on the Heath during the Great Plague.

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Sir Alexander Kaye Butterworth

Born: 1854 | Died: 1946 | Grave: F 105 | Category: Administration

Grandson of Bishop Kaye of Lincoln [1827 to 53]. General Manager of North Eastern Railway 1906-21; Director of Welwyn Garden City in 1930s. Lived at 16 Frognal Gardens and died aged 91.

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Sir Herbert Walter Samuelson

Born: 1865 | Died: 1952 | Grave: G 105 | Category: Administration

KBE. Chairman and Treasurer of University College Hospital (1927-37),. Married Sybil (nee Harbord), OBE (1876-1961),.

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George Aitken

Born: 1860 | Died: 1917 | Grave: H 002 | Category: Administration

CB, MVO. Assistant Secretary, Home Office from 1892; Life Governor of University College; literary biographer and editor of eg. Steele, Burns and Defoe. Died at 21 Church Row.

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Henry Newson-Smith

Born: 1855 | Died: 1898 | Grave: A 021-022 | Category: Administration

Of 25 Avenue Road NW and 37 Walbrook EC. Member of the Court of Her Majesty’s Lieutenancy of the City of London

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