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ABG map
Michael Perrin Eva Gore Booth Anton Walbrook The Llewellyn Davies family John Richard Smythe McClure Anthony Blyton Beesley George Sinton Henry Kippin Francis Gabriel Ellerton Ernest Gidden Eliza Acton George Harvest David Joy Peter Francis Napier Lomax Joseph Jordan Geoffrey Craig Rose Angus H Campbell Eleanor Farjeon Bert Matthews Leonard Leslie Brooke Charles James Piper Mary Shepard

Mary Shepard grave

Mary Shepard

Illustrator. She was the daughter of E Shepard, who illustrated the Winnie the Pooh stories, and was herself the illustrator of Mary Poppins.

Grave: Q 091

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Charles James Piper graveCharles James Piper

Artilleryman in WW2.

Grave: O 080

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Leslie Brooke graveLeonard Leslie Brooke

Artist and illustrator. Created the popular Johnny Crow books for children and illustrated many nursery rhyme books.

Grave: O 077

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Ernest Gidden graveErnest Gidden

Wartime naval officer/ bomb disposal specialist.

Grave: L 062

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Bert Matthews graveBert Matthews

Rat Catcher and Pearly King.

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Eleanor Farjeon graveEleanor Farjeon

Author and poet, writer of children’s books and, with her brother Herbert, of musical plays and revues.

Grave: H 104

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Angus H Campbell graveAngus H Campbell

Policeman and Engineer officer in WW1.

Grave: H 097

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Geoffrey Craig Rose graveGeoffrey Craig Rose

Infantry officer in WW1.

Grave: G 096

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Joseph Jordan graveJoseph Jordan

Surgeon from Manchester and body snatcher.

Grave: A 093

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Peter Francis Napier Lomax gravePeter Francis Napier Lomax

Fighter pilot in WW2.

Grave: A 074

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David Joy graveDavid Joy

Mechanical engineer and naval architect.

Grave: C 066

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Eliza Acton graveEliza Acton

Poet, famous for being the first cookery writer for ordinary families.

Grave: I 047

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George Harvest graveGeorge Harvest

Spice merchant; Rifles officer in WW1.

Grave: G 051

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Eva Gore Booth graveEva Gore Booth

Irish poet and dramatist, best remembered for The Little Waves of Breffny, and a committed suffragette, social worker and labour activist.

Grave: B 027

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Francis Gabriel Ellerton graveFrancis Gabriel Ellerton

Signaller in WW1.

Grave: H 032

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Henry Kippin graveHenry Kippin

Chimney sweep.

Grave: F 022

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George Sinton graveGeorge Sinton

Auctioneer and nurseryman.

Grave: G 019 – 024

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Anthony Blyton Beesley graveAnthony Blyton Beesley

Bomber pilot in WW1.

Grave: I 021

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John Richard Smythe McClure graveJohn Richard Smythe McClure

Engineer officer in WW1.

Grave: I 020

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Anton Walbrook graveAnton Walbrook

Actor on stage and film.

Grave: J 001

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Michael Perrin graveMichael Perrin

Scientist who had a varied and interesting career in science and commerce.

Grave: A 005

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A bit of history

The area of the original 13th century churchyard was extended in 1750 to increase the size of the burial ground. But, by 1811, it was so full that a 2 acre field across the road from the church was bought at a cost of 2,000 guineas (£2,100). This was consecrated for further burials in 1812. (Part of the purchase price was offset by selling the upper part of the field for housing development – now Prospect Place – completed in 1814.).

Although the ABG is now full, it is still used to inter ashes and these people are commemorated in the columbarium and the memorial garden.


Earlier surveys – Several surveys have been done of the Additional Burial Ground. The first known one was done in 1881 by James Millward, father of the Headmaster of Hampstead Parochial School, and the most recent by the Camden History Society between 1976 and 1984. Details of the Camden History Society survey are in their publication ‘Buried in Hampstead’ published in 1986, which is available from Hampstead Parish Church.

What we have done – Based on the Camden History Society survey and our own research we have compiled a database of 250 people buried (or commemorated) in this historic graveyard, which we will be adding to as time and resources allow.

We did further research on 22 of the people in order to supplement the educational resources.


This page was last updated on April 26th, 2012.

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