Leonard Leslie Brooke (1862 – 1940)

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an artificial crowArranged by Marilyn Brooks and given by Alan and Marilyn Brooks in memory of  Marcelle Bowyer.

Leonard Leslie Brooke was a British artist and writer, most famous for his illustrations of children’s books, particularly for his ‘Johnny Crow’ series.

Leslie Brooke was born in Birkenhead of Irish parents and was one of 3 children. Leslie’s drawings attracted the attention of his headmaster at Birkenhead School. He decided to attend Birkenhead Art School when he developed partial deafness after suffering from typhoid.He went on to study at St John’s Wood Art School and then The Royal Academy of Art.

He married Sybil in 1894 and illustrated ‘The Nursery Rhyme Book’ which in 1897 his father in law produced for Warne.

In 1899 the family moved to Oxfordshire, where he decided to write and illustrate a picture book, Sybil suggested ‘Johnny Crow’s Garden’. This book became a classic and grew in popularity so he produced a sequel, ‘Johnny Crow’s Party’, 1907.  In 1908 he moved to St John’s Wood where he continued to work, before moving back to Oxfordshire.

He moved to Hampstead in 1933. His last book, ‘Johnny Crow’s New Party’, was completed in 1935. He died in Hampstead in 1940


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