Henry Kippin (1909 – 1968)

Flower Festival 2012:

red clay chimney potsArranged by Lynn Trigg in memory of John Hester

Henry Kippin was the last of three generations of chimney sweeps who lived in Hampstead.

I am the headteacher at St Michaels, Camden Town which has taken part in the 2012 Schools Project.

I chose Henry Kippin because he was one of the people the pupils at St Michaels studied.  Among their activities they made chimney pots and there are two samples of their work in the photograph on the left.

In my arrangement I have chosen the spikey heads of Allium to symbolise the sweeps brushes andthe leaves of the Photinia ‘Red Robin’ to show smoke coming from the chimney.

kippen-large click once on the image

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