William Hudson Watts (1822 - 1907)

Born: 1822 | Died: 1907 | Grave: A 106 | Category: Trade

Builder and monumental mason (eg CH 89),; resident in Hampstead for 65 years; built and lived at 15 Perrins Lane .

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  1. Oliver Gale
    July 16, 2021, 4:22 am

    William Huson Watts….
    Master Stonemason .Builder and Contractor
    Formerly of Sackville Street Dublin
    Served a long Apprenticeship and came to Hampstead with a cousin at the end of the Irish Famine. With only his skill of craft and ingenuity at the age of 22… He built a solid reputation which resulted eventually of obtaining the copyhold of the Greenhill estate and developing the upper part of Fitzjohns/Prince Arthur towards Heath street.

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