John Carswell (1918 - 1997)

Born: 1918 | Died: 1997 | Grave: H 012 | Category: Administration

Civil servant. After war service in India, joined the new Ministry of Pensions (1946), to implement the Beveridge report; responsible at Department of Education & Science for expanding new universities (1960s), and at the UGC (1970s), in financing them. Secretary of the British Academy (1978-1983), – followed Neville Williams (Col E 2),. Writer on political economy. Son of Donald and Catherine, born at Holly Bush House, and lived most of his life in Hampstead. Instrumental in saving Branch Hill and Kenwood House. Chair, Heath and Old Hampstead Society.

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  1. Susan Woolf
    July 3, 2012, 10:43 pm

    Professionally and as an author, he was known as J.P. Carswell. His well known book, The South Sea Bubble, was published in 1960 with a 2nd edition published in 1993.
    The Saving of Kenwood and the Northern Heights was published in 1992.
    His Honours included CBE 1977 and Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature 1984.
    He supported his wife Ianthe’s causes including the United Nations Children’s Fund.

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