Alfred Richard Orage (1873 - 1934)

Born: 1873 | Died: 1934 | Grave: L 093 | Category: Literature

Journalist, lecturer and editor. Editor of New Age (1907-22) and New English Weekly (from 1932). Published works on Nietzche, Consciousness, etc. His grave is marked with his divided circle, which he called ‘a picture of man’.

Orage’s grave was designed by Eric Gill and the symbol on the grave is called an Enneagram. I have come across Orage often in my researches into Modernist thought, he was very influential  in a quiet enabling way. George Bernard  Shaw financed his journal “New Age” – Ezra Pound who wrote for it referred to it as “No wage”.  (Esther Fitzgerald, May 2012)


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