Arthur Waugh

Born: 1866 | Died: 1943 | Grave: F 018 | Category: Literature

Managing director of publishers Chapman & Hall [1902-30], and father of Alec and Evelyn Waugh. The family lived at 11 Hillfield Road (1878 – 1907), and at 145 North End Road (1908 – 1933),. The motto on his grave reads ‘And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life’.

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Edward Bell

Born: 1844 | Died: 1926 | Grave: F 010 | Category: Literature

Elder son of publisher George Bell (d 1890), and chairman of the family firm, also President of the Publishers Association. Lived many years in Hampstead.

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Mary (Mollie),, nee Grant Hammersley

Born: 1863 | Died: 1911 | Grave: A 066 | Category: Literature

Eldest of 3 sisters immortalised in pictures by Sargent, Augustus John and others. Her TB caused the Hammersley family to seek the healthy air of Hampstead. They lived at Admiral’s House from 1902 and were noted for their literary/artistic salon.

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Elizabeth Rundle Charles

Born: 1827 | Died: 1896 | Grave: A 035 | Category: Literature

Author of popular children’s book, Chronicles of the Schoenberg-Cotta Family (1862),. Her house in Oak Hill Way bears her plaque.

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