Thomas Wells Thorpe (c1851 - 1943)

Born: c1851 | Died: 1943 | Grave: P 086 | Category: Commerce

Brewer. Son of a brewer from Boston, Lincs. Became head brewer of Manns in London (1902),, then Chairman of Mann, Crossman & Paulin. He introduced technical changes in brewing methods and new brown ales, and was a co-founder of the Van Horse Parade in Regents Park. Lived at 52 Reddington Road (1908 – 1943),.

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  1. April 14, 2018, 11:59 am

    A minor mystery: the 1911 census has Tom’s wife Elizabeth completting the return, and describing Tom as a ‘traveller in the brewing trade’. Their address is given as 19 Spilsby Road, Boston, so had Tom retired back to his home town, or was he an early example of a second-homer?
    Also, earlier censuses show Tom was born in 1860.

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